Top Heavy

I have bobbled over head first with my feet pointed up I am so top heavy.  What am I to do with all this head knowledge?  Sometimes I get really tired of this little three letter word,     G-o-d.   Sometimes the talk of Him sounds to me like the teacher in the Charlie Brown cartoon.   Oh, to be an Etch a Sketch.

I am really tired of all the verses.  I know they are supposed to be living and active, but they get peddled so much, I can hardly tell the real thing anymore.  I confess to being a peddler myself and thus the reason for my current state of mind I am sure.  I don’t want to throw the baby out with the bath water, but it really is time for the bath water to be thrown out.  Time to shake the Etch a Sketch.

So, what to do?  All I am asking now is to be taught how to walk in love.  If how I love others is the measurement of my love for Him, I really have been clanging.

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