“Take a Little Wine”

“Take a little wine for your stomach.” In all of Paul’s instructions to Timothy, this is my favorite. No, it has nothing to do with the “wine” issue. It is because it is so practical. Of all the things – important things, eternal things, in which Paul instructed Timothy, he didn’t leave out the very real, very personal issues that Timothy struggled with. He had a bad stomach and was sick a lot. Paul knows this about Timothy. He knows the impact it has on Timothy. He addresses it because he wants Timothy to address it and to take measures to take care of himself. Timothy, do this, it will help.

“Take a little wine for your stomach.” This was the equivalent of the advice given to me by my friend the other day. Words to meet the need of the moment. Practical. No need to cue the angelic choir, just down to earth real stuff. Not that the weighty, eternal, “important” things be neglected, but that they will be even better tended to if you take time to tend to yourself.

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