The Only Life Left

I think I am something and I shut myself off from the Maker of all things. I try to build something and I am no longer useful material for the Building. I think I have something to offer and I cease to be an offering. This is an economy built on paradox. The only way to “get there” is to wait here. The only way up is down. The only way to truly gain is to lose everything. The only way to know is to seek to know nothing, but a Person.

I keep trying to assert myself to do the work of Another. I keep forgetting that in the “Him crucified,” is the, “I died.” I died. Now the only life left for me is the one of dependence. Oh, the fertile soil of grace, this land flowing with milk and honey where all things are provided for me, why would I ever want to leave You to go fend for myself? But I do, over and over again…

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