Balancing Act

Standing, feet shoulder length apart, on top of a see saw. One leg each side of the midpoint. It’s my turn. I’m in mid childhood, we’re neighbors, and the game is to get and keep the ends off the ground. It’s a balancing act. It gets easier with experience, but is never easy. I’ve learned to make moves slowly and not to overcompensate or gravity will take one end away from me and bang it on the ground. Game over.

I’m in mid life now and I can still hear and feel that bang of one end on the ground. I still do it. Lose the balance or overcompensate and bang the end on the ground. I hear it when I’m too needy or too independent; when I’m too “religious” or too worldly; too strict or too lenient with my kids; too judgemental or lacking in discernment. In numerous ways, I hear and feel the bang. But I also know what it feels like in that moment of perfect balance, when I’m straddling the midpoint of NOW, acknowledging my Center and waiting on Him to give what is needed.

In my child’s play, it was a one man show. Here, the stakes are higher because every balance or bang affects someone else. The result of the balance is always love. And in this “game” that is the only thing that counts.

[“The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love.” Galatians 5:6]

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