The Wrongness of My Rightness

So many words, but what are they really saying? Who are they magnifying? I read yesterday about a man who was struck by an angel of the Lord, eaten by worms, and died because people were praising him and He did not give God the glory (Acts 12:21-23). That scares me in a fear of the Lord kind of way. I enjoy moving words around, expressing feelings and thoughts in tangible ways and that story gave me pause. The worms may very well eat through my words if I am not careful. Better to write nothing than a symphony of my own making. A drop of vain conceit or self ambition is poison and though words and thoughts may be technically right, they are wrong if the rightness is possessed. Real truth cannot be owned. The moment it becomes mine it ceases to be real – for truth is living and I am not.

Death is my only seat in the classroom of life. A seat where all is quiet – the ego slain and the boast muted. It is not a death by suicide for this death occurred before I was born and is not something I inflict on myself. For I HAVE BEEN (past tense) crucified WITH Christ and only as I sit down and rest in that fact can truth show itself. A living truth. Christ in me the hope of glory who has freed me from all things, including myself.

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