I have more questions than answers, MANY more questions.  But one thing is becoming clearer…  It is not my place to “make,” but to be made.  I am the one being made.  It (whatever “it” is – including myself) is out of my hands and I am in His.

The point, is being made in His image.  The work, is His.  He will ordain the circumstances that ensure my transformation, but I must take my hands off of the “circumstances” in order to be made into His image by them.  I must also take my hands off of me.  I cannot make myself into His likeness.  I cannot make myself into anything, but a self righteous fool.  I will always (while on this earth) be trapped in my humanness.  All these vain efforts do nothing, but drown out His voice and keep me from knowing His care.

The loss of control is a fearsome thing, but it is the way of faith.  The way of faith begins with the call to “leave your native land… and go to the land I will show you” and ends with the fulfillment of a promise.  He, who began a good work, will carry it to completion.

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