Sure and Steady

I have that sound in my head.  The sound of the miniature motorized John Deere Gator my son is learning to drive.  It reminds me of the sound of my first experience on a motorbike three decades ago.  Full throttle, no throttle; full throttle, no throttle.  Pedal to the floor, no pedal; pedal to the floor, no pedal.  Full speed, stop; full speed, stop.

That sound.  It calls to mind the jerky movements of this walk of faith.  In, out;  in, out.   Trust, fear;  trust, fear. Giving, taking; giving, taking.

I have that sound in my head.  But there’s a call to my soul of a different sort.  A call to take hold of the sure and steadfast hope that anchors me in a realm beyond what I can see and produces through me a sure and steady work in the here and now.   In Christ.  Trusting.  Giving.

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