Mystery and Roots

It is a futile effort of self to attempt to nail things down, whether in understanding, relationships, or plans. The shortest distance to maturity and true knowledge is a hands-free, childlike faith. Neither methods nor creeds have anything to offer the heart of implicit trust.

Acknowledgement of the mystery is the avenue by which the understanding of it can be given. God’s mystery. Christ Himself. Knowing all the treasures are hid in Him, puts us in a place of dependence on the revelation. The Holy Spirit lighted on Jesus in the form of a bird – not an animal easily grasped with the bare hand; or as D.H. Lawrence put it, “even Jesus called it the Holy Ghost, to show you that you can’t lay salt on its tail.”

So, what does one do if not reaching and grasping and attempting to nail things down? Rest. All fruit bearing labor springs from a heart at rest just as all true knowledge is known only to a heart of faith. When the reaching and working toward something ceases, rootedness and working from something can begin.

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