For someone who finds ease and flow of conversation difficult, I find comfort here, where my pen can be the tongue of a ready talker.  What do I have to say?  What can I bring up to ponder and feed upon?  What spread can I lay out to delight the senses and feed the soul?  He doesn’t just feed, you know.  He delights as well.  Somehow, I’ve missed that.  I go around crying, “my soul thirsts, my body longs” (and it does), but it’s more with the sense that He’s withholding things and giving them out piece by piece while I remain in this constant state of deprivation and hunger.  I’m not sure the thirsting and hunger are meant to be a permanent state.  Doesn’t He also say, “filled with all the fullness?”  Can we not ever experience the satisfaction of the feast and the delights of Him?  I get the notion that we’re meant to.  That a day in His courts is better than a thousand elsewhere.  That He doesn’t just dole out strength and food, but that He is strength and food.  Life itself.  And everything good.

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