To Me Too

What is the best way to wring this life out of me so I can take in more and give out more again?  And in that very question I left the source and sought to do in my flesh what only can be done by the Spirit.  For He gives both the life and the wringing so that all is always only Him.  My part is always only surrender to His care and will and in so doing I am swept up in the train of His triumph and made an instrument of righteousness.

It is “by His doing” that we are in Christ Jesus.  He has placed us there.  Seated with Him in Christ on the victory side of the cross.  No matter what my feelings say, the fact remains that when He died, I died to the old nature and when He rose, I rose to newness of life.  An exchange was made at the cross in which He not only took my sin, but in Him my old nature was crucified so that the way could be made for me to have His very life.

This sounds like “theology,” but it is all so very practical.  For it has set me free from willing and doing in the flesh and opened up a whole new life and world of walking by faith in the Spirit.  Even in the littlest things.  Instead of working out from the flesh all is simply faith in Him as He wills and works according to His good pleasure.  As long as I put my case in His hands I can be sure of victory.  For the law of the Spirit of life has set me free from the law of sin and death.  Instead of thinking of myself in terms of improvement, I come to see myself as having a whole new source and life altogether.  And I find myself saying like Paul “to me, to live is Christ.”

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