working out

What if? What if God is found by those who do not seek Him. By those who do not chase the phantom they’ve made in their own minds. By those who stop working to get there. To reach Him. Isn’t the point of the gospel that He came down? Came down to plant Himself inside of people. Inside of me. My personality, my person. He settles Himself there. And does His work. Spreads His fullness out into me so that I come to know it by experience. He gives. He gives, he doesn’t take. He gives the riches of grace for my use. My currency.

I wonder. I wonder if the fear and trembling part of “working out your salvation” is like the fear and trembling of putting hands on the ark of the covenant. Putting hands on salvation. It’s a weird combination of words, don’t you think? Work out your salvation. Work out being helpless and dependent on another? Work out your being delivered by another? Because grace never stops being free maybe we should most fear charging a fee for ourself.

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