Awake my soul and sing

We have life out of Jesus or not at all. It really is black and white in this way of life and death. A sinful heart is simply an unconnected one. Belief is not adherence. Not a grabbling hold by any act of the will. So, it really doesn’t matter what we sound like or look like. What our words say or our mind tries to adhere to and line ourselves up with. None of that matters. Our “convictions” don’t really matter. What matters is having life. The great temptation is to “believe” for or against a particular creed or way of thinking, but that is not real belief because reality is always found in the power of an indestructible life. And it is only with our connection to that life that any good can come. The life does affect the behavior because His fullness fills everything, but it changes outcomes because we are truly living, not because we are trying to.

In Him was life and that life was the light of men.
He who has the Son has the life.
I have come that you may have life.
That by believing you may have life in His name.
For me to live, is Christ.
the life I now live…

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