“Who touched Me?

I want to write raw. while settled in raw peace. a naked heart that feels no shame.

the grace of God works out in such a way that it permeates the soul through which it has access and in the filling it simultaneously works out into the acts of the recipient. It is a mighty river, that sweeps away all that is not real and true and makes it’s inhabitants one with Itself.

I do not really know of what I speak, but I know it is true. A truth that chased me down in goodness and mercy and follows me all the days of my life to ensure that I remain in it’s grasp. He who establishes me is not me. It is He who has made me and not me myself. It takes the weight off of me and makes me feel good about who I am at the same time. He relinquishes with the relinquishing and I soar on Eagles wings. A mighty river. Soaring on Eagles wings. Running, but not growing weary. Walking and not fainting. A never ending supply of power and energy is this Great River of Life flowing out from the throne of God Himself who dwells in me and I in Him. And in the dwelling the flowing keeps on flowing. A never stopping flowing, rushing, mighty river that tears down strongholds with the current of it’s holy love. Driving out the fear and destroying the works that are from a lifeless source. Dead works. Destroyed in the current of an Everlasting Life. Praise the Name of Jesus, He’s my Rock, He’s my fortress, He’s my Deliverer in Him will I trust. The pure in heart will see. His purity is for me. I see by the light of His own glory. I become unblind by the perfect humanity that stripped my fleshly eyes when he took the death that robbed me of mine. Savior of the world. Pulled us right out of the skin of our own humanity so that we could wear his. As He was, so are we. In this world. Called out by His own glory and excellence.

Teach me to see. Teach me to love the person I see. This is loving you. Strengthen me and make me fully mature and assured in all the will of God. Roll on, mighty River. Roll on. Roar for all Eternity, Source of light and life. Teach my soul to hear it and to sing thanksgiving that blends with the sound. What greater honor than to sing thanks and simply reflect back what already is and has been given. Let this be my greatest joy. The River sound. That is swift to sing of the power and glory of the Source of all. I sing with the sound I have been given. All of life is gift. Nothing can touch Life itself. Nothing.

What comes out makes unclean. when the food that comes in is his body and his blood, I am clean. His own human righteousness as my food, I am clean. I am pure in heart because He is and I take Him. I take his broken body as my source of living. I take His flesh as my food. I can eat his flesh because it is clean. and the death of it made me clean because it took my death. What a public display it made. To kill the very thing that killed him. to kill the evil itself at the root of his killing. He took the evil on Himself and in the taking, he extinguished it. Snuffed it right out.

Make me free. poor in spirit. no covering. naked and unashamed. to have nothing but life itself and in the life have everything.

As it was in the days of Noah. So shall it be. The world stripped of it’s sinful flesh. Only righteousness remains in the end. Only righteousness. The Holy One is the Source of that mighty River. I keep a clean conscious by taking constantly from the source what is needed for walking here. Only in this way of walking by the Spirit of Christ Himself am I able to remain. Keep me enduring to the end – the prayer of that is the eating of it in this moment so that I may be strengthened to keep being strengthened in this way and that Jesus will remain in me and I will remain in him. For in the taking of what is given I am known by Him. “Who touched me?” I did. Over and over and then a steady stream of taking from that river for all that is needed so that everywhere the river goes in me, there is the life. Whatever it touches there is life. Open my soul so that it touches all.

Holy Attachment

I come away with a tangled knot of all the things I said and forgot to say. It takes me a while to recover. So, I unravel here, in this way. Blinking curser to prompt the way. And I watch as words are rolled out line by line from the overflow of my own heart. What is it about laying tracks of my own emotions and thoughts? A way for me to tangibly see myself?

I wrestle inside with what to do and how to manage and be all that needs to be done and managed and been. And that tangled knot gets tighter inside.

So much that I am not. But trying to be never makes it so.

Unravel and come unwound. All you expectations. Hear what I have to say for I do not belong to you. You’ve got it backwards. Goodness makes for good works. Not the other way around.

And my goodness doesn’t come from me. Thank goodness.

I am

I can’t think of a story in which Jesus did what individual people expected. In every case, he didn’t precisely line up. True living will exceed the expectation of some and defy the expectations of others. Not by trying to, but simply by the power of the life.

He who has the Son, has the life.

Awake my soul and sing

We have life out of Jesus or not at all. It really is black and white in this way of life and death. A sinful heart is simply an unconnected one. Belief is not adherence. Not a grabbling hold by any act of the will. So, it really doesn’t matter what we sound like or look like. What our words say or our mind tries to adhere to and line ourselves up with. None of that matters. Our “convictions” don’t really matter. What matters is having life. The great temptation is to “believe” for or against a particular creed or way of thinking, but that is not real belief because reality is always found in the power of an indestructible life. And it is only with our connection to that life that any good can come. The life does affect the behavior because His fullness fills everything, but it changes outcomes because we are truly living, not because we are trying to.

In Him was life and that life was the light of men.
He who has the Son has the life.
I have come that you may have life.
That by believing you may have life in His name.
For me to live, is Christ.
the life I now live…