secret chambers

It came and went, my moment of inspiration.

I can’t go back and grab a past experience as fully as it was known the first time. It has to reach out and grab a hold of me. Or rather, the trap door beneath my feet must open by secret codes only the experience itself knows – and I drop down into a re-live. Often, unexpectedly. Many times, when I wish I wouldn’t. Once there, I go through whatever it is. If I try to climb out and close that trap door back by my own efforts to un-feel it – that door will only open again down the road with a vacuum of force made stronger because I tried to pin it shut.


In the place of Light’s embrace, I am unbound.
I am untangled from the darkness of thinking my value tied to my background, my knowledge, my performance or my determination.

Being accepted into Light itself, is to become.
I am.

My existence is art and joy and the world my playground of expression,
the place where I am a place.
An embrace.


ONE breaks through to the heart of me.
Trading many things for ONE
Selling all for ONE pearl
Leaving 99 for ONE

But nothing pierces like this…

you gave me (one)
you gave me (one)
you invited me in (one)
you clothed me (one)
you came to me (one)

“When did we SEE you?….”
“…to the extent you did it to ONE…. you did it to ME.”

Focus my eyes on the ONE.