To Be Exact

I am not in this moment attempting to teach, serve or impress, but simply thinking out loud. And while what is becoming clearer to me is I’m sure common knowledge to many, I hope to praise Him in my expression of it.

I was reading in Luke today and was struck by the reason he said he wrote to “Theopophilus” and hence the reason there is a “Gospel According to Luke” in my bible. It is this… “so that you may know the exact truth about the things you have been taught.” The exact truth. I like that. No embellishments, just the straightforward, exact truth. While there may have been some truth in the things that Theopophilus had been taught, here is the exact truth. Exact truth shatters all preconceived notions and silences in the mind all the false testimonies because “there ain’t nothing like the Real thing.”

Exact truth brings me to ground zero. It brings me one on one with Him. My soul and the One True God. He is my objective viewpoint. He, who is outside space and time itself – steadies me. He is outside whatever warped view I may have of Him and if I trust that – trust Him – He will reveal to me the exact truth. I am realizing that He never reveals something about Himself in the language of the past. It is always NEW. With Him the newness never wears off because He is always speaking the language of my soul at the moment. Yes, He uses His word to speak, but He never uses the same word I’ve “heard all my life” – it is always like nothing I’ve ever heard before. I love Him.

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